Orphan Barrel introduces Scarlet Shade, the first rye in the whiskey company’s portfolio.

Scarlet Shade is a straight rye distilled in Indiana, aged 14 years in Kentucky, then blended in Tennessee by Samantha Johnson, the Master Blender’s first Orphan Barrel project. The limited-edition whiskey is proofed at a classic 90 Proof and retails for $199.

"For whiskey fans looking for a Rye with heritage, Scarlet Shade provides the opportunity to add a 14-year-old, incredibly rare offering to their collection."

— Samantha Johnson, Orphan Barrel Scarlet Shade Master Blender

How Does It Taste?

Company tasting notes promise vanilla buttercream and toasted oak mingling with banana bread and berries accents. A fruit-forward palate is laced with baking spice, concluding with a warm, lingering finish of orange marmalade that fades into dark chocolate.

Scarlet Shade can be purchased on ReserveBar, Drizly.com, or the Drizly app, where shipping and delivery are available.

Meet Master Blender Samantha Johnson

This rising star in the Diageo Universe began her career as a Quality Technician right out of college at Bulleit Bourbon Distillery in 2018. Since being named Master Blender in 2020, Johnson has blended several American whiskeys in the Diageo portfolio, including I.W. Harper 15 Year-Old and Bulleit Rye. Scarlet Shade is Johnson’s first Orhpan Barrel expression.

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