There is no shortage of amazing new spirits hitting store shelves for the fall.

This week alone, we’ve got a sleek new tequila, a rustic pair of mezcals, and perhaps the prettiest gin we’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, Elvis fans will be lining up for Pressley’s latest hit, bourbon and rye expressions fit for a king. And that’s not all, folks. Here’s the rundown.

Photo courtesy of Old Elk

Old Elk Unveils A Cask Finish Series Bourbon Collection

Sherry Cask Finish: 54.85 Proof (109.7 ABV); $90
Port Cask Finish 54.85 Proof (109.7 ABV); $90
Cognac Cask Finish: 54.7 Proof (109.4 ABV); $90
Armagnac Cask Finish 54.15 Proof (108.3 ABV); $90

Old Elk Distillery is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based whiskey house founded by Curt Richardson, creator of OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises. To oversee all things whiskey, Richardson hired veteran master distiller Greg Metze, who last served as head distiller at MGP in Indiana. So, whatever he is pouring, our cups are out. The latest for Old Elk is a limited collection of four signature “high malt” bourbons. Each has undergone a secondary maturation in Spanish sherry, Portuguese Port, French Cognac, and Armagnac casks.All are bottled at barrel strength, so buckle up!
Photo courtesy of Mirabeau

Pretty In Pink: Mirabeau Riviera Dry Rosé

86 Proof (43% ABV); $45

Maison Mirabeau founders Stephen and Jeany Cronk, producers of the UK’s top-selling Provençal rosé wine, released Riviera Dry Rose Gin in the United States. Mirabeau is distilled from upcycled grape skins from the Cronk’s vineyard in Provençe, France, infused with a bouquet of botanicals including French lemon peel, Orris, and Angelica roots, rosemary and thyme, and classic coriander. But the secret ingredient is a touch of rosé wine, intended to impart hints of red fruit and freshen up the entire spirit.
Photo courtesy of Grain & Barrel Spirits

Elvis Whiskey: A Hunk Of Whiskey Love

Elvis Tennessee Whiskey: 90 proof (45% ABV); $50
Elvis Rye: 90 proof (45% ABV); $50

Fans of “The King” who also love whiskey will undoubtedly want to add Elvis Presley whiskeys to their holiday wish list. Grain & Barrel Spirits, producers of Chicken Cock Whiskey, Virgil Kane, and Dixie Vodka, joined forces with Elvis Presley Enterprises to create bourbon and rye expressions dedicated to the late American icon. Elvis Rye is a 90-proof classic Indiana straight, distilled at Midwest Grain Products in Lawrenceburg. As the name implies, its counterpart, Elvis Tennessee Straight Whiskey, was born and blended in Elvis’ home state of Tennessee.
Photo courtesy of Inspiro Tequila

Entrepreneur Mara Smith Launches Inspiro, A Female Fueled Tequila

80 Proof (40% ABV); $53

In the spirit of supporting women in the tequila industry, Smith teamed up with legendary Maestra Tequilera, Ana María Romero Mena, to create Inspiro, a 100% agave tequila. Inspiro is born of agave fermented with two yeast strains to create its signature sweet and fruit-driven flavor profile, then twice distilled in alembic pots. The final touch is a “luna quarter” of aging in ex-bourbon barrels to introduce hints of caramel, vanilla, and spice notes, bottled sans additives.
Photo courtesy of The Producer

Meet The Producer, A Mezcal Exploration

Ensamble: 80.4 Proof (40.2% ABV); $47
Tepeztate: 80.4 Proof (40.2% ABV); $98

The Producer is an exciting new series of mezcal expressions designed to showcase the range in flavors of Mexico’s native spirit. In its inaugural launch, The Producer presents Ensamble and Tepeztate. The former is made from Espadin and Cuishe agave blend, which is roasted in earthen pits, open-air fermented, and copper pot distilled at the Tlacolula de Matamoros palenque in Oaxaca. Tepeztate is named for the wild agave from which it’s made, a rare strain.

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