Four Roses has a new look as the storied bourbon distillery freshens up its branding as the company celebrates its 135th Anniversary.

But truth be told, while changing an iconic brand’s look is big news, it’s not what serious bourbon geeks are drooling over right now. Also tied to the refresh is a super limited edition tasting kit: The Ten Recipe Tasting Experience. This kit highlighting Four Roses’ 10 bourbon recipes reminds drinkers that while the brand’s look has slightly changed, the bourbon has not.

What's In The Bottle?

The “Experience” is a collection of 10 bourbons from each of the ten proprietary Four Roses recipes. The lucky few who score a super-limited box set will be able to sip whiskeys made from Mashbill B and Mashbill E, combined with different yeast strains and bottled non-chill filtered to give each expression its flavor profile. To take the whole package next level, there is a QR code on the box where you’ll be guided through a virtual tour by Master Distiller Brent Elliott. But buyer beware, the kit is only available at the distillery starting June 30, then will be available in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, and California in mid-July with a suggested price of $130.

“While the look of our brand is being refreshed, our unwavering commitment to producing the highest-quality bourbons made of our ten signature recipes remains the same.”

—Brent Elliott, Four Roses Master Distiller

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