I’ve always surmised that sipping whiskey with the person who made the juice will always taste better.

And now, the team at Bevridge makes it possible to drink along with master blenders and distillers right in your own living room. Virtually, of course.

Bevridge co-founders Nate Ganapathi, Chris Nelson, and Liz Brusca took a basic tasting kit and put it on steroids by combining curated spirit flights with an e-commerce platform. By purchasing Bevridge, customers are granted instant access to a world of specialized content, including a library of videos with master distillers and virtual distillery tours, and that’s just the beginning. In an ambitious effort to build a spirits enthusiast community, Brusca and the Bevridge team host weekly online panel discussions and plan to hold live educational events via Whisky Live. The first two-day convention kicks off this July in Nashville.

“We wanted to create a new way to bring people together to discover ultra-premium spirits,” said company president Liz Brusca. “We hope to foster a community of like-minded spirits lovers and provide them access to the world’s best spirits and the people making them, too. Through digital activations, weekly panel sessions, and – what we’re most proud of – the return of Whisky Live to the USA & Canada, we hope to offer an imbibing experience unlike any other.”

Photo courtesy of Bevridge

What's In The Box?

The multifaceted Bevridge program Brusca speaks of begins with a smartly designed tasting kit. The first product is a collection of American Single Malt from the emerging category’s most celebrated producers; Portland’s Westward Whiskey, Virginia Distilling Company, Seattle’s Westland American Single Malt, and Texas-made Balcones are a few whiskeys in the 10 sample box. Future releases will feature whiskey collections from around the world as well as branching out into other spirits, including cognac, gin, and tequila. The inaugural American Single Malt Tasting Experience is $250, available at Bevridge.co, ReserveBar.com, and select retail.

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