Created by Film Producer Richard Peete and Actor Wyatt Russell, Lake Hour is a new line of sparkling cocktails focused on quality ingredients and low-sugar offerings.

The filmmaker and Russell, who is the son of actors Kurt Russell, and Goldie Hawn, are friends who decided to infuse a more authentic product with a genuinely chill vibe into what they consider a primarily corporate RTD category, most of which, in Wyatt’s opinion, “taste about as good as shit does.”

"It seemed to us that so many people had some core memory of a story on the lake in their formative years that was integral to who they were. Connecting Lake Hour to these memories was something we found to be greatly personal and would be the only honest way to bring ourselves to the brand in an organic way.

— Wyatt Russell, Co-CEO of Lake Hour

Lake Hour products are made with real juice and pure cane sugar and employ quality vodka and tequila as their spirit base, each clocking in at a manageable 109 calories. Flavors include Honeysuckle Ginger with vodka, Peach Jasmine with vodka, Rosemary Yuzu with vodka, and Watermelon Cucumber with tequila. Four-packs of single flavors or multipacks are available now in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Oklahoma for about $13.


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