Founded in 1826 by James Henderson, Old Pulteney Single Malt prides itself on being a seaside distillery.

With ‘The Coastal Series,’ Pulteney Master Blender Stuart Harvey has taken its maritime roots to the next level. To create this limited edition annual release, Pulteney has teamed up with four alcohol producers from various coastal locations to further mature this single malt in their respective casks to double down on the seaside’s influence on the whiskies flavor. The first of this four part series was created in collaboration with Kevyn Termet of Pineau des Charentes French Aperitif, located north of Bordeaux in France, near the Cognac region, combining Scottish and French coastal influences.

“The Coastal Series is a new addition to the family of Old Pulteney, where we're looking at the synergies of certain places that are influenced by the sea in various parts of the world, and how that comes together in terms of an expression of whisky.”

— Stuart Harvey, Old Pulteney Master Blender

What's In The Bottle?

Old Pulteney is a classic Scotch single malt made with water from Loch Hempriggs on the Caithness Coast of the North Sea. Wort is distilled in two copper pot stills and matured in ex-bourbon casks in traditional dunnage and racked warehouses. From there, the whisky is re-barreled in Pineau des Charentes French Aperitif wine casks, which is fortified with cognac, to arrive at the final expression. The MSRP on this limited-edition whiskey is $80.

How Does It Taste?

Company tasting notes promise a nose of honey sweetness and vanilla, flecked with jammy and stewed fruit, candied orange, and balsamic raisins balanced by toasted spice and pepper.” On the palate, expect nuts, cardamom, and nutmeg, with “structured oak perfumed with a wine reduction and balanced by creamy vanilla.”

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