Nothing embodies the festive season like gingerbread,

from candy-covered houses to loaves of cake and wonderfully decorated cookies. But what about a cozy drink? For a spiced and sweet treat that adds warmth this winter, look no further than this Gingerbread Old Fashioned made with scotch and an easily concocted ginger-cinnamon-honey syrup from Millie Tang, Australia’s Bartender of the Year in 2019.

What You’ll Need:
50 ml Pure Scot Blended Scotch
5-15 ml Ginger & cinnamon honey (to taste)
1 dash Aromatic bitters

Stir down and serve on block ice with orange peel and gingerbread biscuit.
(Pictured, it is served with Lebkuchen–a traditional German version of soft gingerbread.)

What You’ll Need:
1 part honey (250 ml)
.5 part hot water (125 ml)
4 cinnamon quills, broken apart
4 dime sized pieces of fresh ginger
Pinch of salt

Add hot water to honey in a saucepan and stir until honey and water are well mixed. Add broken up cinnamon quills and fresh ginger (can give the ginger a slight press to gently break apart). Heat on low until simmering, remove from heat and let stand until cool. Strain to remove ginger (cinnamon can be left in if a more intense flavour is desired). Store in an airtight food grade container in the fridge.

Millie Tang is an Australian freelance photographer and an award-winning bartender who makes drinks, takes photos and sometimes does both at the same time.

Initially, Millie was attracted to bartending as a way to free up daytime hours to pursue photography, but after a friend lied about her experience to get her a job in one of Brisbane’s well established cocktail bars [despite having zero cocktail knowledge] she developed a hard and fast passion for all things bar related.

Bartender of the Year – Australian Liquor Industry Awards 2019
Global winner – Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge 2019
1st place – Speed Rack Australia 2019
National finalist – Bacardi Legacy Australia 2019
Drinks World T25 Most Influential Top 25 2019
Australian Bartender 100 Most Influential List 2019
2nd place – Speed Rack Australia 2018
Drinks World T25 Most Influential Top 100 2018