Infused with an unique blend of coastal botanicals, NEPTUNIA is inspired by the waters that sits just two miles from Hendrick’s Gin distillery in Girvan, Scotland.

From master distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities, this unconventional, intriguing expression uses a mysterious blend of refreshing Scottish coastal botanicals to create a crisp citrus finish that is as refreshing as Scotland’s ocean breeze. As ocean magic is exceedingly difficult to bottle, NEPTUNIA is a limited-release gin.

For centuries, the sea has been associated with near-magical powers, and even today, we still turn to the sea for energy and rejuvenation. To mark this release, Hendrick’s Gin is offering a refreshment that goes beyond the beverage via the Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA Undersea Imaginarium & Spa. For one weekend only, Hendrick’s will take explorers on a journey to the most unusually refreshing spa to break free from the conventions of the surface.

Hosted in Tribeca on March 25th and 26th, guests will plunge into a below-the-sea immersive experience complemented by Hendrick’s cocktails and peculiar mind-and-body spa treatments, alongside custom work by New York artist, Anna Chan, all inspired by NEPTUNIA. Land-faring creatures are invited to sign up and attend via

And that’s not all! To bring the revitalizing nature of the sea and spa directly into homes, Hendrick’s is also launching the Magic-of-the-Sea Spa Kit available for nationwide purchase via Tiny Shop. The kit will include each of the gadgets and gizmos necessary to navigate the world below the surface, the realm of Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA Gin!

RSVP with the link below to confirm your desired time of arrival and secure additional event location details.

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